RV Rentals



More people are finding that renting is a great alternative to purchasing a camper. Is it right for you?
Renting a camper while camping at Assateague Island is a viable option when:

  • You need do not want to drive or tow an RV
  • RV storage is difficult to find in Ocean City, MD
  • You don't want to finance a trailer

 If renting a camper from Assateague Campers makes sense for you, we offer an array of vacation rental campers. There's one that fits your Vacation needs!

Bike Rentals


Camping at Assateague, Frontier Town or Castaways and need a bike?  Vacationing in Ocean City, Maryland and want to rent bikes to ride at Assateague Island?

There is no need to transport your bike while on vacation and subject it to the harsh salt and humidity of the Atlantic Ocean when you can rent beach cruisers from Assateague Farms in Berlin MD.  We are five minutes from Assateague Island and less than ten minutes from Ocean City MD, so give us a call to reserve bikes for the day, weekend, or entire vacation.  



We have a variety of Kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards, and Surfboards that are also available for rental.